Year-round Fundraising

Year-round Fundraising

Looking for a way to help the school but can’t make it to any of our main events? Check out these…


Stuck On You – great for labelling things for school camps.

“Stuck On You” sells name labels – iron on/ shoe / stationary labels etc. They also sell personalised backpacks, drink bottles, jigsaws, wall art, lunch bags, towels and a whole lot more.  20% of sales will go to HNPS. (or 5% on promotional bits) There’s no mucking around with order forms – orders can be placed online. For HNPS to get the fundraising you must use the link StuckonYou Fundraising and at the checkout enter the code HNPS  


All orders are shipped directly to your address.  


Calendar Art

In Term 3 each year the Home and School organises the calendar art fundraiser with art that your child has created with the teacher within the classroom.


Each child then receives an order form which are individually named with a unique code which you enter once you are in the . At this point you will be viewing your child’s artwork.  You can then order for yourself, grandparents, and for Christmas presents. 


The artwork will be then sent to school in term 4 and your child will bring it home. A great way to get some awesome personalised items and help the school at the same time.


We also need a couple of volunteers to advertise the event, collate the orders and hand out the items.


The Yummy Fruit Company stickers – Please keep collecting the Yummy Fruit stickers until the end of term 3.

Winter is a great time to be eating Yummy apples and pears, with many different varieties to choose from.  The more stickers we collect, the more share of the $200,000 free DG Sport sports gear prize pool. Each year we get balls, cones, hoops etc for the classrooms boxes and the PE shed. Easy way to help the school and minimal effort!


Either cut-out labels from apple and pear bags (each cut-out label is worth 10 stickers) and/or collect the individual Yummy stickers on the fruit. If you want to stick your own sheet on the fridge – print out this, or just bring the stickers into the classroom. Thanks!


The Supper Club

The Supper Club is an initiative to support the provision of meals and care packages to HNPS families in need.


We have a freezer in the school hall which can store meals and baking for the school leadership team to distribute at its discretion when a family within the school community is faced with a challenge such as bereavement or sickness.


The Home and School Association would like to reach out to the school community to contribute to the Supper Club. This can be a meal or some baking (bought or homemade) to help support family mealtimes and/or school lunch boxes. If you are time short, or not keen on cooking or baking there are loads of great local cafes and bakeries you might like to purchase something from and add to the freezer. Pies, quiche’s, soups, muffins, loaves etc would all be greatly appreciated. If you do like to cook and/or bake, there are containers and labels beside the freezer in the hall to take home, fill, label and drop back into the freezer.


The families in need are usually nominated by someone in the school community, or a teacher and then the school leadership arranges to have the meals collected by the family or delivered to their home. The privacy of families receiving these care packages is kept confidential. If you have any further questions or would like to nominate a family in need, please contact


Sushi and Pie days

During each term we have 2 or 3 Fridays when you can order sushi, a sausage roll or a pie for your child, as a fundraiser for the school. The days are advertised on the Home and School Facebook page (different to the school Facebook).


The team has worked hard to reduce the impact to the environment. So the sushi for example comes as a whole roll in a paper bag. No plastic in sight! A couple of people wander around with large glass bottles of soy sauce for those that would like it.

If you can help out for ¾ hour on a Friday lunchtime here and there, to hand out sushi orders, let us know.


Uniform Shop

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the Uniform but the Home and School Asoc provide volunteers to sell it. It raises money for the school and by selling second hand uniforms on behalf of the parents (including HNI uniform).

If you can help out an hour a week – you are always on with an old hand, so training on the job – we would love you to get in touch. Email



Each year we have other events which are different every year or just one offs – such as having an ice rink to the school, family photo shoots, Picnic Cinema etc. If you have an idea or want to help out get in touch with the Home and School Association team via email or enquire at the school office.