All students wear a school uniform at our school. Please name all clothing clearly.

 Uniform Options:

  1. Royal blue polo shirt or blue and white performance polo – short sleeve with the school logo
  2. Navy shorts/ skort/ trackpants. Canterbury navy blue shorts are acceptable as well.
  3. School Fleece or Jacket (with logo).
  4. Gingham School Dress.
  5. Navy tights – optional and worn under gingham tunic or skort.
  6. Navy or white ankle socks.
  7. Navy merino/ polyprop/ thermal – only to be worn for extra warmth under the shirt.
  8. Navy Blue School Logo Beanie
  9. Jewellery -plain studded earrings or a wristwatch.
  10. Nail Polish is not permitted.
  11. Taonga permitted



  1. There is no specific uniform shoe. We do however expect children to wear shoes that are practical for a range of experiences including physical education.



  1. For health and safety reasons (head lice etc), all hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back with a black or a navy hair tie. Only navy or black headbands are to be worn. Any other hair embellishments are not accepted, e.g. large bows.



  1. Performance Shirt – available from the uniform shop. (Not to be worn as a daily uniform item)
  2. Navy Shorts, netball skirts, cricket white pants – vary for each sport so please check on the sports website.
  3. Sunhats or Team Caps
  4. Footwear is to be practical and suitable for school activities. There is a non-specific uniform shoe.



  1. The wide-brimmed uniform hat is compulsory for Terms 1 and 4.