All students wear a school uniform at our school. Please name all clothing clearly.

 Uniform Options:

  1. Royal blue polo shirt or blue and white performance polo – short sleeve with the school logo
  2. Navy shorts/ skort/ trackpants. Canterbury navy blue shorts are acceptable as well.
  3. School Fleece or Jacket (with logo).
  4. Gingham School Dress.
  5. Navy tights – optional and worn under gingham tunic or skort.
  6. Navy or white ankle socks.
  7. Navy merino/ polyprop/ thermal – only to be worn for extra warmth under the shirt.
  8. Navy Blue School Logo Beanie
  9. Jewellery -plain studded earrings or a wristwatch.
  10. Nail Polish is not permitted.
  11. Taonga permitted



  1. There is no specific uniform shoe. We do however expect children to wear shoes that are practical for a range of experiences including physical education.



  1. For health and safety reasons (head lice etc), all hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back with a black or a navy hair tie. Only navy or black headbands are to be worn. Any other hair embellishments are not accepted, e.g. large bows.



  1. The school polo is to be worn where there is no sports uniform provided.
  2. Navy Shorts, netball skirts, cricket white pants – vary for each sport so please check on the sports website.
  3. Sunhats or Team Caps
  4. Footwear is to be practical and suitable for school activities. There is a non-specific uniform shoe.



  1. The wide-brimmed uniform hat is compulsory for Terms 1 and 4.