Whats available this term?

Term 2 Sport

Havelock North Primary is pleased to be able to offer a large number of sports to our students during the year.

The details requested when registering are required by the organising committees.  Fees are used to cover registration with the relevant associations, and for the purchase/replacement/upkeep of equipment.  Children can not be registered until fees are paid.

Children may register to play more than one sport during the terms, if times of games and training's do not clash!  They must be available and committed to their games as well as practice sessions during/after school.

As always, assistance is sought for the coaching/managing of teams.  Without parental help in these roles we cannot enter teams in the various competitions. We welcome and thank both returning coaches and those parents volunteering for the first time. Please complete the registration form accordingly if you are able to help in some way. We always offer development for our coaches. We provide either books, coaching resources, parent workshops or organisation run coach development courses.

Coach: Means to organise practises, help at games and work on skill development.

Manage: Means to support the coach, email contact with parents in the team, send out draws, collect uniforms and provide the occasional halftime orange.

The school Performance Shirt is required to be purchased and worn by all players in school sports teams (unless otherwise stated below).  This shirt is available for purchase both second hand and new from the school uniform shop, open on Mondays 8:30 – 9:30am and Thursdays 3-4pm.



Year Group




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Mini Basketball


All year groups normally play at Hastings Sport Centre.

Y0-2 sometimes played at FlaxRock

Year 1 & 2: 3.30pm - 5.30pm.

Year 3 - 4: 4.30pm- 5.30pm.

Year 5 & 6: 5.30pm -7.30pm.

All times are TBC- these times have been what has been used but may change due to the number of teams.


Friday 31st March, 3pm

Small Sticks Hockey


  • Mini Sticks Development, Mini Sticks and Kiwi Sticks Development teams from Hastings & Havelock North area's will play at the Unison Hockey Stadium, Hastings.

  • Mini Sticks Development, Mini Sticks and Kiwi Sticks Development teams from Napier area will play at Park Island, Napier.

  • Kiwi Sticks teams will play at both Unison Hockey Stadium, Hastings & Park Island, Napier.

Saturdays, from 13th May TBC until 26th August


Friday 31st March, 3pm

Funsticks Hockey


Park Island, Napier

Saturdays, from 13th May TBC


Thursday 13th April



Hastings Sports Park

Tuesdays, 9th May


Friday 24th March, 3pm



Hastings Sports Park

Saturdays, 6th May


Friday 24th March, 3pm

Peak Fitness and Health @ HNPS

Y0-3 (5-8 year olds)

HNPS Field

Thurs (3.15-4pm) PEAK Kids.

$70.00 ($60.00 for siblings)

Contact provider

Kelly Sports


HNPS Field and Turf


Contact provider