Sport 2021

Sport at HNPS is divided into three main areas: Physical Education (P.E), Team Sports (Extra-curricular activities) and inter-school sport.

We offer a range of extra-curricular sports to encourage all students to be a part of a sports team during the school year.

P.E is an important part of our curriculum. We provide lots of opportunities for students to develop their skills and increase their fitness levels. We try to link P.E during school hours to our inter-school opportunities (e.g. orienteering during school before inter-school opportunity offered to students).

To see what sports are available during the 2021 school year click the team sports button above. To register for a sport click the into a sports page and then click register. All the HNPS sports registrations are done through the Enrolmy site or at the school office if you prefer EFTPOS, cash or payment plan.