HNPS is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school.

What is PB4L?

PB4L is a school-wide system that supports and encourages positive behaviours. This framework is evidence-based and will provide us with a consistent process for considering both learning and behaviour across the whole school. At HNPS we all demonstrate our school values of; Resilience, Relationships, Respect and Responsibility. We believe these values will empower students to be lifelong learners.

Reflection Room
The Reflection Room is a place where students go when they need to reflect on their behaviour and discuss ideas of how they could have managed the situation better. Every lunchtime, a PB4L team member will be on duty to support students who have had behaviour issues in the classroom or playground. The duty teacher will discuss the behaviour with the student, model problem-solving strategies and verbalise positive thinking processes. The Reflection Room gives additional time and opportunities to practise expected behaviours for those students who need it.






Our PB4L purpose statement is; Empowering students to show our school values through positive behaviours.

The outcomes for PB4L at HNPS are:

  • Students will understand and show the expected behaviours in all areas across the school.
  • All teachers will use consistent language and expectations to encourage positive behaviours
  • Expected behaviours will be explicitly taught and communicated through lessons and activities
  • We use a reinforcement system that encourages positive behaviours based on our school values

PB4L will complement the wonderful job our staff and students do to make HNPS a great place to be.