Havelock North Primary acknowledges that gifted and talented students have special needs that require differentiated learning experiences and social and emotional support in order to ‘realise their individual potential’.

Parent nomination plays an important part in the identification of our gifted and talented students. The information provided by you on this form will be used, alongside other school wide identification measures.

Please refer to our Gifted and Talented Procedural Statement for further information around Gifted and Talented Education at Havelock North Primary

Please return this form to your child’s teacher.


Child’s Name:


Year Level:


Child’s Teacher:

Name of person completing form: 
Relationship to Child: 


My child has previously participated in (please tick all that apply):

  •  GATE / gifted programme
  • Accelerated learning
·        Specialist withdrawal    programme     ·      Psychological assessment
Please provide details of the programme(s) indicated above and/or provide a copy of the psychological report:














The characteristics below are intended to help us develop a picture of your child and recognise his/her learning needs and strengths. There are no right or wrong answers just statements about what your child may or may not do.  It is not expected that any child will have all of the characteristics. If your child is often bored or frustrated or has “behavioural problems” please comment on this as it may help us to best meet his/her needs. Your child will not be at a disadvantage because of this. Please add any extra comments or questions.

Please tick any characteristic which describes your child.

Does your child stand out against their peers as being or having? Tick all that apply.

  • Unusually advanced early development and/or specific advanced abilities not demonstrated in school work.
  • Academic results that are not a true reflection of their capability.
  •  Any of the following (circle those that apply): a loner; adult orientated; a day-dreamer; disruptive or uncooperative; overly anxious; never a risk-taker.
  • Unusual or unexpected ideas; is an original or creative thinker; or a questioner that needs to know “why”.
  •  An analytical thinker, shows strong logical reasoning ability.
  •  Unusually advanced development in reading, vocabulary or some other area not demonstrated in school work.
  •  A keen sense of his or her cultural identity; strong commitment to maintaining cultural values and practices.
  •  Passionate about artistic, musical, dance, drama or language-related activities.
  •  Determined, persistent or obsessive when interest or feelings aroused; and /or can become deeply absorbed in something of interest; passions may be short or long lasting.
  •  A strong or intense reaction to right and wrong, fair play, social justice and/or environmental issues.
  •  A very quick or quirky sense of humour.
  •  Self-critical or a perfectionist, can expect too much of self and others, does not suffer fools gladly.
  •  Observant, notices details others miss.
  • An organiser of self or peers – may be tolerant and flexible or overbearing and bossy; may ‘overplan’ at the cost of doing or achieving.
  •  Unusually sensitive to own and/or others feelings.

Adapted from Sonia White, TEAM Solutions (2009)

Important Information and Observations I have about my child as a learner.  Please add any further information or insights you wish to share. This may be related directly to a characteristics above.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Our school’s GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) coordinator and your child’s classroom teacher will be touch in discuss your responses further.