Coaches and Managers needed for Term 4 Sport

Next Monday 19th August Term 4 sports registrations will open. During this process we ask parents registering their children whether they can coach or manage the team their child is in. For all our sports teams we prefer to have a two parents supporting each team in a coaches and managers role so in Term 4 we do require a lot of parent support as we have many sports teams participating in a variety of sports. If were unable to get parent support for a team unfortunately we won’t be able to enter the team into the competition and a refund of sports fees will be given.

Some common misconceptions which causes parents not to volunteer themselves; I haven’t played the sport myself before, I wasn’t good at sport myself so therefore I can’t coach it and I need to be available to practice each week with the team. These statements are not true. Some of our best coaches haven’t played the sport they are coaching before and practices are not a necessity. Sport at primary school age is an adapted version of the adult game to ensure that players of all ages can achieve and the main aim for our students is to have fun and be part of a team.

As a school we really appreciate our coaches/managers and all the work they do for our sports teams. We will be providing an increased amount of support to ensure coaches/managers have a positive experience with their teams.

Support HNPS will provide in Term 4:

Coaches/Managers Session on Monday 23rd September, 6 – 6.30pm at HNPS in Rm 24/25

Aim of the session is to ensure coaches have some tools to manage children and know the format/rules of the sport the are coaching.

Session Outline:

  1. Tips for managing players (15 mins, Olivia Currie)
  2. Specific sports rules, competition format and questions. Previous coaches to talk about each sport (15 mins)

Support throughout the season

  1. Sports Coordinator (Olivia Currie) always available via email and at school Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. Olivia Currie or Emily Cooper are able to help/advise at a training session, you just need to ask.
  3. Coaches booklet and online coaches resource page.
  4. STAC Awards – To encourage good sportsmanship behaviour.
  5. Practice Awards – To encourage positive behaviour at practices and during game warm ups.

Below is a definition of each role, however it can be variable as we encourage parents to work together within teams and across teams (e.g. two hockey teams training together):

COACH: The role of a coach is to teach the students about the sport (rules and structure). You can do this by having a long warm up before the game, having a training (not at all essential) and throughout the game explaining to the students how things happen. In some sports the coach or another adult needs to ref/umpire (netball, cricket, touch rugby, summer hockey). At the coaches session you will receive a coaches manual with tips about coaching and rules for the grade specific to your team. The coaches encourage the team to show the school values (respect, relationships, responsibility and resilience) and awards a STAC award to a player that shows the values during the game.

MANAGER: The role of a manager is to coordinate the team gear bag, making sure all the gear is at the game and practice (if the team is having one) and ensure that all the gear is returned to the bag after each game. They ensure that there will be enough players for each game by emailing out the game time and location each week. On the game day you could assist the coach with subs or scoring etc.