BOT Newsletter Term 1 2017

February 2017,

Tena Koutou Katoa,

Welcome back to 2017, one which promises to be a busy and exciting year for the school.

The Board met last week and had a walk through the school looking to identify opportunities to improve the classrooms.  We are aware that some of the classrooms have been extremely hot.  The working environment for our teachers and children is less than ideal.  Our previous property manager had been suggesting different options, but in light of the recent temperatures we have decided heat pumps will provide the quickest and most effective solution.  We are currently sourcing quotes and these will hopefully be installed as soon as possible.

The school is working on an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE).  This is an initiative driven by the Ministry of Education (MOE).  We are taking our first real steps toward this with the joint classrooms in Year 1, 2,  5 & 6.  The initiative is expected to result in children achieving to a higher level against National Standards through students.  The Board will be monitoring these cohorts closely with a view to rolling out to more classes going forward.

Our much anticipated new classrooms are expected to be operational in Term 3.  This will coincide with the relocation of the carpark to the northern end of the school for safety reasons.  In turn the cricket nets will be relocated to the main field.  From the school’s perspective  we have ticked all the boxes, so we are hoping there will be no delays.  We are however reliant on a number of parties to complete their tasks.  We will be doing everything we can  to ensure this happens.  In the meantime, the Year 6 classes in the hall look great: a huge thanks to the teachers for making this temporary site so functional.  Unfortunately we are without a hall for assemblies until Term 3 but the (usually) good weather in the Bay means we can have outside assemblies.  It is only during the Winter months where assemblies will be affected and we will explore an alternative location for these.

We have been working closely with staff, students and the community to re-look at our values, motto, vision statement, logo, and naming of sections within the school.  You may have noticed your children talking about their new names within the school corresponding to their year level.    There are a lot of exciting things happening in this area of rebranding.  We expect to have this finalised for Term 2 and will report back to you then.

We continue to work with the Council around easing traffic and improving safety on Campbell Street, we are hoping to get both crossings and speed humps along here.  Unfortunately the Council have a process they need to work through and this takes time.  We appreciate your on-going patience and cooperation to make the drop off and pick up a safe place for the kids.

The school has developed a reference group for sports development.  At the moment this group is made up of Board members, Sam Newton (Sports Coordinator, Brenda O’Loughlin (PE and Sport Think Tank), Nick Reed and members of our parent community. The objective of this group is to develop sport in the school and to look at getting clear systems in place for team trials and selection processes, as well as developing strong foundations in our top sporting codes. We are going to develop specific sports academies in order to build fundamental skills and foundations for inter-school competition now and in the future.

Due to the School operating at near capacity we are having to apply our enrolment policy.  This is set out on our website

In terms of out-of-zone enrolments the Board currently aims to take siblings of out-of-zone children.  In other words, unless you are a sibling of an out-of-zone child at the school no new out-of-zone families will be accepted.  As always there are some cases where entitlement to enrol is not always clear cut.  There are clear MoE guidelines to assist in this situation and the Board will base these enrollments on a case by case basis.

At the end of 2016 we provided you with new reports.  The year 4 – 6 students will continue to receive the report in this new format at June and December.  However, based on feedback we have made some adjustments to the reports that the New Entrant to Year 3 children receive.  They will receive their reports after 20, 40, 60, 80 weeks at school etc.  These are milestone dates that students are monitored against National Standards therefore it makes sense for us to report back to you as parents at this time. It will also give you a more accurate reflection of where your child is at in regards to these standards.  Nick Reed covered this change in report timing in a recent  Tuesday Times:

An understanding of the National Standard can also be found on the website:

National Standards

If at any stage you wish to contact the Board of Trustees please do so:


Nga Mihi


Phil Chandler

BoT Chair