Board Update

School Statements

At the annual Board strategic planning meeting, held at the end of 2015, the question was asked “Are the school’s Mission, Vision, Values and Logo relevant – do these still embody what the school represents and aims to achieve?”  To get the school community’s thoughts the Board conducted a survey and, as always, the feedback was excellent. There was a resounding consensus that the ‘school statements’ could be more relevant for the children.

It has been a year since this survey and the school has been making steady progress to ensure ideas are gathered and a thorough consultative process is followed to ensure we get this right.  School Management has worked closely with the Board, the Home & School committee, teachers, hui and student council to arrive at these changes.

Before introducing the new branding, it is worth reminding ourselves what was in place:

Mission: Learning Excellence at the Heart of the Village.  (Interestingly the first school motto was:  He Carries His Cross Bravely.)

Vision: Aspire to Excel

Values: Aroha, Respect, Resilience & Excellence

Logo: The hot air balloon.


Going Forward

The school Mission & Vision has been combined into one statement: Empowering Learners for Life.  This statement is succinct and at the cusp of everything we want to achieve for all our learners. As a school we want to empower the students to explore, make mistakes and learn from these, plus develop social skills – alongside the more obvious teaching in reading, writing and maths.  By the time the children leave HNPS our aim is to have enabled them to move confidently into the wider world with a range of life skills and a lifelong love of learning.

The school has decided to introduce a MottoTū Mana. Tū Kaha. Tū Tangata.  Translated into English this means:  Stand Proud.  Stand Strong.  Stand Together. These are powerful messages which we want everyone to identify with.  They link intricately to the Values listed below.  To have a deliberate Māori influence within our school statement sends a powerful message to everyone:  it acknowledges the importance of the Māori culture and enables everyone to identify with this irrespective of their cultural background.  This is a positive step for the school – one we can embrace and feel proud of.

The school Values have already been amended to: Respect, Relationships, Responsibility, and Resilience.

This leads us to the new Logo which the school will adopt (see below).  The new logo is a current reflection of ‘us’ as a school and a community, and links to the new school motto.  It tells a story about who we are and about our place in the wider Havelock North community.

The three peaks in the logo have multiple meanings:

  • they represent the maunga-teitei/mountains that surround us: Te Matā, Ko Hinurākau and the largest – Kahuranaki – in the middle;
  • they mirror the roof-line of the village – and symbolise the interpersonal connections and relationships of our community standing united;
  • they are strongly associated with the new school motto: Tū Mana, Tū Kaha, Tū Tangata (Pride, Strength, People).

 The white triangles within the logo represent joining together and mixing with the creation of something new or different. This happens in nature when two rivers meet, merge and grow. Similarly every day in our classrooms, teachers and learners combine their knowledge and ideas through collaboration to create and empower new knowledge.


Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei

‘Reach best potential, if you bow let it be to a lofty mountain’.

These changes will be announced to the children over the coming days and Nick Reed will keep you informed of what this means for the school going forward. These are significant and exciting changes for HNPS and we hope the school community embraces them enthusiastically. The school would like to acknowledge Phil Belcher and Des Allen for their outstanding contribution during this process.

Thank you

Phil Chandler

HNPS Board Chair