National Standards

A replacement for National Standards will be made known in due course. Until the Ministry of Education provides the school with more information regarding a suitable replacement we will continue with the status quo for the 2018 school year. At this stage HNPS will continue our current reporting format with the only change being replacing the terminology “National Standards with “Curriculum Expectations”.

At HNPS we use the National Standards, to provide consistency when considering, explaining and responding to student progress and achievement.

Please see link below with PDF downloads on how you can help at home. These brochures have been produced for each year level.

In doing so we are building a picture of every individual child’s progress, using a mixture of assessment tools and teacher judgement.   We report on student progress in relation to the National Standards twice a year.

The standards can be challenging for parents to interpret initially and we encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher should you require clarification. Children in their first three years of school are reported on every six months. In effect families get a report after two terms at school (20 weeks) and  then again after a full year at school (40 weeks). This means if a child is born in March they would get their first school report in September and then again in March. This is because the standards for the first three years are against the number of weeks a child has spent in school. There are 40 weeks in a school year so the reporting timeframes are after 20, 40 (1 year at school), 60, 80 (2 years at school), 100 and 120 (3 years at school) weeks. The standard is based at the end of each full year of school and the mid point report ( after 20, 60 and 100 weeks) shows how the child is doing in relation to their next standard.

For children in their first three Years of School reports will be produced as follows.

January Birthday –  reports will be produced in June and December

February Birthday – July and December

March Birthday – March and September

April Birthday – April and October

May Birthday – May and November

June Birthday – June and December

July Birthday – July and December

August Birthday – August and March

September Birthday – September and March

October Birthday – October and April

November Birthday – November and May

December Birthday – December and June

This changes once a child becomes a Year 4 student. For Year 4-6 students they receive their reports in July and December as the National standards are based on end of year performance, rather than the number of weeks a child has been at school.

Find out more about National Standards on the Ministry of Education website.