Thinking Overview

We believe that:

Effective teacher questioning promotes the development of student thinking skills.

At Havelock North Primary School, the effective teaching skills and strategies inherent in all classrooms are the:

  • Development of effective teacher questioning skills;
  • Advancement of student thinking skills; and,
  • Implementation of Key Competencies.
  • The Thinking Key Competency is a progression of thinking skill development:


Phase 1

Understanding Information / Developing Understanding

The students will:

  • recall information they know (recalling information)
  • put the information into their own words (summarising information)
  • represent the information in some form eg. words, numbers, music, movement, pictures (symbolising information)
  • put the information into groups (categorising information) using graphic organisers
  • understand what the world is like through another perspective (shifting perspective)
  • Phase 2: Transforming Information / Shaping Actions:

The students will:

  • break information into parts (analysing information)
  • take information from one context and use in another (applying information)
  • generalise by finding a rule based on many examples (inducing information)
  • make conclusions based on a rule (deducing information)
  • compute information to reach a solution (processing information)
  • use reasoning and judgement to make an estimation (processing information)
  • Phase 3: Generating new ideas / Constructing Knowledge:

The students will:

  • generate many new ideas (brainstorm)
  • combine information to create a new element (synthesising)
  • make guesses guided by prior knowledge, using induction and deduction from all available information (predicting)
  • measure information against a standard eg. one’s own values (evaluating)
  • generate a wide variety of questions (questioning)