Managing Self Overview

Being Organised

The students will:

  • be ready for learning
  • look after their own property
  • listen to and follow directions
  • manage their time
  • prioritise tasks
  • Managing Learning

The students will:

  • set goals
  • understand learning intentions and success criteria
  • give and accept feedback and feedforward
  • persist in completing tasks
  • remain open to continuous learning
  • take learning risks
  • reflect on their own learning
  • ask appropriate questions to extend and enrich their learning
  • strive for accuracy and excellence
  • Physical Wellbeing

The students will manage appropriate aspects of:

  • food and nutrition
  • fitness
  • relaxation and rest
  • personal safety
  • hygiene
  • minor first aid and medical needs
  • Emotional Wellbeing

The students will:

  • appreciate and develop self control and resilience
  • have a “can do” attitude
  • respond appropriately to emotional situations
  • be honest
  • trust themselves and others
  • accept and learn from their mistakes
  • accept that confusion is part of learning