International Student Fees

International Student Fees

In June 2017 Havelock North Primary School received the “Signatory to the Education Code of Practice 2016” allowing us to accept enrolments for international students.

Our fee structure is as follows:

International Student Fees

Annual fee$13,000
Ministry of Education levy$450
Administration fee (non refundable)$400
Homestay(if applicable $245 per week- 47 weeks)$11,515
Homestay placement and management fee (non refundable)$500
Unicare Insurance (charged as an actual)$540
Total per year$26,405
 Tuition Fee per term (10 weeks)$3,700
Tuition Fee -Weekly rate for short stay and group$400

Upon full or part-payment of fees, the school issues a receipt that can be forwarded to Immigration New Zealand in support of an application for a student visa.

Additional fees

There may be additional fees for extra services, such as:

  1. extra English language lessons
  2. out-of-school music lessons and instrument hire
  3. stationery
  4. uniform
  5. class visits and activities.