HNPS Team Names

Te Kakano (The Seed)

Te Kakano represents the seed that has potential to grow. We are the foundation for each seed, providing a sense of belonging for our tamariki.  When a seed is nurtured with the essential elements and given the right foundation, it will begin to grow.

New Entrant/Year One

Pakiaka (The Roots)

Pakiaka represents the roots that grow within a nurtured and carefully prepared foundation. Our tamariki will begin to spread and search beyond the seed. The roots will take hold within the foundation that has been laid for, and with, them.

Year Two

Te Rito (The Shoot)

Te Rito represents the starting of new growth beyond the foundation. It is time for our tamariki to search and find new light. It is the beginning of moving and searching further and wider.

Year Three/Year Four

Mahuri (The Sapling)

Mahuri represents courage and resilience to continue to develop and grow. Our tamariki  go forward with confidence and independence, branching out to further seek new learning and knowledge.

Year Five/Year Six