HNPS Coaches and Managers

Coaches and Managers Support at HNPS

In term 3 2020 we have sports teams participating in a variety of competitions across Hawkes Bay so we are looking to provide an increased amount of support to encourage lots of people to put their hands up to be coaches or managers.

Coaches and Managers Session: Tuesday 16th June, 6 - 6.30pm at HNPS in Rm 26/27

Session Outline

  1. Tips for Managing Players (15 mins, Olivia Currie)
  2. Specific Sports Rules/Competition Format/Questions (15 mins) Previous coaches to talking about each sport:
  • Winter Hockey - Kirsty Bayliss
  • Basketball - Danielle Howarth
  • Y5/6 Netball - Ali Harper & Cath Steiner

Support throughout the season:

1. Sports Coordinator (Olivia Currie) always available via email and at school Thursdays and Fridays if you prefer face to face.

2. Olivia Currie or Emily Cooper are able to help/advise at one of your training sessions, you just need to ask.

3. Coaches Booklet and online coaches resource page.

4. STAC Awards - To encourage good sportsmanship behaviour.

5. Practice Awards - To encourage positive behaviour at practices and during game warm ups.


Being a coach or manager is a rewarding role: 

  • Witnessing the delight on the players faces when they learn something new.
  • Watching a "quiet" player grow in confidence to now being the best communicator in the team.
  • Seeing a player who has never played a team sport before work with another person to score a goal.
  • Hearing players encouraging each other in good times and in bad.
  • Listening to students at school sharing sports stories with each other using bright expressive tones.
  • Observing new friendships develop and grow.

Have a listen to our students talking about their coaches and managers.

At HNPS we value our coaches and managers contributions immensely, without them we couldn't have so many children playing sport. 

We are aiming to increase the amount of coaches we have across all ages at our school and ensure that our coaches are enjoying the role.

Common misconceptions which causes people not to volunteer themselves:

  • I haven't played the sport myself before.
  • I wasn't good at sport myself so therefore can't coach it.
  • I need to practice each week with the team.

All of these statements above are not true. Some of our best coaches haven't played the sport they are coaching before. You don't have to do practice as well as a game. Primary school sport is simple so that students can have the most amount of fun. The rules are adapted to ensure all ages are going to learn and achieve at the sport (this has been brought in over the past 10 years)