Havelock North Primary School Home and School Association Incorporated

Havelock North Primary School Home and School Association Incorporated is a pivotal part of our school community and is responsible for significant fundraising within our school. Meetings are held in Weeks 4 and 9 of each term at 7:30 pm in the school staffroom.

Remaining Dates for this year are;

16th September, 4th November and 9th December

Whether you are interested in coming along to listen and learn or are ready and able to get actively involved, you are very welcome at any meeting. We love new ideas and new people! Come along and find out more about what happens at school.

Key Roles for the Home & School include:

  • Developing a positive relationship between both home & school environments.
  • Liaison with Board of Trustees and supporting the school’s Vision and Strategy.
  • Assist in running and selling the school uniform shop for new and second hand HNP and second hand for HNI uniforms.
  • Fundraising in order to provide our children with facilities, resources and activities that are otherwise not provided.
  • Help facilitate wider education in the community.


We are proud of how generous our school community is when it comes to fundraising through our events such as Blast in the Park, uniform shop, quiz nights, calendar art and sushi Fridays. It takes a lot of work to organise each fundraiser so we always aim to have a different ‘team’ on each activity and to vary the types of events. New sub-team members are always welcome to help with the above – you don’t need to come to the meetings!

Why fundraise? HNPS is a high decile school and therefore is funded at a lower rate per child than most other schools. The decile model expects the school’s own community to provide more financial support and Home & School fundraising helps to fulfil this expectation.

These are examples of what the school community has asked us to fund recently:

$68,000 towards the senior playground, 35,000 towards the hall alterations, $10,000 towards the netball court. $10,000 of Lego robotics; $30,000 for heat pumps; $14,000 of IT equipment; sports equipment; sports and cultural uniforms; classroom blinds; landscaping; school production. Each year we donate in excess of $30,000 and it is wonderful to see all the funds in action!

Keep up to date with events on the Facebook page: HNPS Home and School Association

The 2020 Home & School Committee Executive

Chairperson:                Maggie Poll

Vice Chairperson:       Martin Drake

Secretary:                    Anna Kumar

Treasurer:                    Jess Cranswick

Board Of Trustees rep: Mat Bailey

Uniform Shop:             Suz Stuttle and Kerin Hutchinson

Principal:                      Nick Reed

Anyone is welcome to join anytime / be voted on as a committee member – so come along next time if you are interested.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to any of the above or contact:


If a parent wishes the Home & School to address an issue, a written request needs to be made to the Chairperson a week before the meeting so that it can be put on the agenda.