Distance Learning

HNPS Distance Learning Plan

From Thursday 19th August, Havelock North Primary will be operating a Distance Learning programme until further notice. Our teaching team will be doing their best to offer your children an opportunity to get back in a "school" routine. We recognise and understand that many of you may have your own routines already in place and we remind you there is no expectation that you follow our work plans. You will also find that the expectations and the type of work offered at each level is relevant to the age and stage of the children. Below you will see a blurb from each team outlining the way they will be distance teaching and which online platforms they will be using to communicate. Thank you and all the best for this challenging time.

In addition to what our teams have planned for Distance Learning, the Ministry of Education has launched Learning from home and Ki te Ao Marama. These are new websites to support teachers, learners, parents and whanau so that learning for children and young people can continue at home.

The Ministry of Education has a website with ideas about how students can continue to be involved in learning experiences at home. They have been organised into specific year levels. Please note: Some activities are not recommended at this time due to the need for social distancing.

Our sports Coordinator, Erica Cranswick, has put together this excellent repsource for the whole familiy HNP Physical Education

Have fun and take care!


Te Kakano Team - Y1

Each child in Te Kakano has been sent their own personal home learning code for seesaw and a test activity. This will enable each child to complete tasks sent out on a grid with links (from which they can select) and reply to us in a private way.

Pakiaka Team - Y2

Our team of teachers will be providing, via email, an outline of some of the things you may like to do with your child at home for the week. In this document there will be suggested learning activities. We have organised this under the curriculum headings of Reading, Writing, Maths and also movement and Other with links to relevant websites. We encourage you to use seesaw as a forum for sharing your child's work. We will also include a shared book and poem of the week for reading together at home. You can communicate with us via an email with any of your concerns or need for assistance.

Te Rito Team - Y3 & 4

Te Rito teachers will share a weekly matrix outlining possible learning experiences and activities across the curriculum. These offer both digital and non-digital options. We have a Te Rito website available with all the links and information in one place for parents and students to access. Students are invited to share their learning as a seesaw post, an email response or using their google drive. Teachers will communicate daily with their students and whanau in a range of ways via email, Seesaw, Google Meet and/or shared teaching videos depending on the teachers preference and the current needs of the children.

Mahuri Team - Y5 & 6

Mahuri teachers will meet with their class each morning via Google Meet. Students will be taken through each day's work via this video platform. Work for each week will be shared with students digitally, as per normal at school, and with families via email. This work material covers all curriculum areas, with links to online resources and activities.