Cricket Year 3-6

Term 4 Cricket Teams – Y3-6 (If you played in Term 1 you need to register again for Term 4)

Registrations Close: Friday 18th September 2020 (late registrations won’t be accepted)

WHAT: Saturday morning cricket, Y5-6 has two grades, hard-ball and soft-ball. Y3-4 is soft-ball only. The rules are designed to encourage players to practice the skills of cricket rather than focusing on winning.

If a Y2 student has participated in the Saturday morning cricket skills sessions more than twice then they are able to play in the Y3-4 team cricket grade this term. Please note they will be playing Y3-4 students.

In the hardball grade, we expect players to be very confident with the hardball being bowled to them at a quick pace, bowling with the hardball and fielding with it. This is to ensure that injuries don’t occur and that players aren’t discouraged because they have been put in the wrong grade for their skill level. When you click hardball on the registration form this doesn’t guarantee your child will be playing hardball. There will be no trials, these were completed in Term 1 and where possible we will keep the same teams as term 1.

WHEN: Saturday mornings, Season Dates: 31st October 2020 – TBC

WHERE: Various Hastings/Havelock grounds (Draw is created every week)

WHO: Y3-6 students (boys and girls) (Y2 students who have done at least 2 terms of cricket skills can play team cricket).

FEES: $30 per child

UNIFORM: Players supply their own school Performance Shirt, navy shorts and appropriate shoes. Cricket whites for teams playing in hardball grade.

COACHING: Support required for all teams, new and existing coaches welcome.  Training and resources supplied by the school.