Beach 5’s

0800 Sunshade
Beach 5’s
Hawke’s Bay Primary Schools’ Rugby

Wednesday 14th March

The following are the organisational details that we have developed at this stage and they may be subject to change after further discussion and consideration.

1. It is a primary schools’ tournament and all participants have to be attending a primary school within the district.
2. The class limit for this tournament will be Year 6, or lower.
3. The first 16 schools to enter will be included – those who miss will have to wait until 2019 if they wish to be involved.
4. The tournament will be staged at Ocean Beach.
5. The competition will take place during the morning and afternoon with the preliminary organisation and draw to commence at 11.00am. Allow at least 30 minutes from Hastings to get there. Lunch will be half an hour at the beach – time to eat and time to have a swim. It is expected that the tournament should conclude by 2.00pm.
6. The date is – Wednesday 14 March or Thursday 15 March – games to commence at 11.15am. Low tide is about 12.30 to 1.00pm
7. All entries must be in on the official entry form.
8. Final notes and reviewed details will be sent to you following your confirmation prior to the tournament.

We have sent invitations to all Contributing and selected Full Primary Schools within the Napier/Hastings and Central HB district. We can only accommodate a maximum of 16 schools per day and will break them up into four pools of 4 teams each, then play a round robin in each pool, and then divide into Championship, Cup, Bowl and Plate draws based on finishing points position within the pool.
i With 16 schools there will be 48 games to stage and each team will play 6 games.
ii. The draw will be made on the day – it will be by lucky dip – each captain draws a number to determine pool or round robin position.

Four adjoining fields will be marked out and that will lessen the participatory time considerably.

1. It will be played in one grade – no weight or age restrictions.
2. The size of the field to be 40m x 40m. No goalposts - so no conversions, penalty kicks or field goals.
3. The ball size will be Size 4. Please bring at least one ball per team.
4. Maximum of 8 players per team only – it is unfair to smaller schools if the bigger (or more serious schools) bring out a dozen or more.
5. The team will consist of 5 players on the field unless a player is in the sin bin.
6. Normal rugby rules will apply but with the following adaptations for beach rugby –
o when tackled there is no holding onto the ball – it must be released immediately. Penalty for continuously failing to do so – sin bin.
o two-man scrums contested, no line-outs…if ball is out restart with a scrum.
o kick out on the full – free kick where the ball went out
7. Played in normal football jersey, shorts and barefeet.
8. Mouthguards are compulsory. No mouthguard, no play, no exceptions.
9. All games will commence and end immediately on a hooter.
10. Team who scores will commence game at halfway. This will be a dropkick which must stay in the field of play. If the ball goes dead then a free kick at halfway is the result.
11. Each team to provide a referee.
12. Replacement players are made when an injury occurs or at half time. There are no rolling subs.
13. Each game to last 9 minutes – 4 minute halves.
14. Sin Bin – 1 minute on the sideline with the coach!
15. There are no trophies or prizes.

Player safety with the sea – swimming must be under strict control of school official.
Sunburn and the provision of shade and sunscreen.
Change of weather.
Injuries and shingle rash and first aid availability. You provide your own first aid.
Transportation of players – with 8 players at least 2 vehicles would be required per team.
Water for drinking and to wash the sand out of the eyes or mouth.

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