School Houses & House Names

School House Names are:

  • Campbell – Gold
  • Chambers – Red
  • Duart – Blue
  • Joll – Green

Some background: In 2008 senior students were invited to update the school house names. Here is the research from winning student Sam Field.

In summary:

“All of these names are important house names because these roads & streets surround or are near Havelock North Primary School. It is important to have a part of the history of Havelock North linked to the new house names. These people have helped form our village into the great place we live & learn in today. Havelock North Primary School is in the Heart of Havelock North.”

Campbell Street was named after General Colin Campbell, Commander in Chief of the British forces in India.

“I have linked the gold colour for Campbell House to the medals & decorations that the General wore.”

Chambers Street was named after John Chambers. The Chambers family was the first to settle in the area & owned most of the land surrounding the town sections. John Chambers started with 6,000 acres & kept buying more land with his wife, five sons & three daughters.

“I have linked the colour red to Chambers House as Joseph Bernard Chambers established the first local vineyard at Te Mata in 1892 with the first vintage being bottled the next year.”

John Chambers & his two sons, Bernard & Mason, gave 242 acres in trust to the people of Havelock North for a park & recreation ground in 1927. This is Te Mata Reserve around Te Mata Park.

Duart Road was part of the Duart Estate. On this road Duart House was built in 1875 by John Chambers eldest daughter’s husband, Alan (Tuki) McLean.

He named it after a castle built by the McLean family on the island they had lived on in Scotland before coming to New Zealand, the Isle of Mull.

“I have linked the Blue House colour to the Scottish national flag.”

Joll Road was named after John Joll, who emigrated from Cornwall, England in 1841.

His son, JH (Henry) Joll donated land for the present bowling green & croquet lawn club.

“I have linked the colour green (formerly black) to the land & soil we live on & grow things in.”

Sam has now cemented his footprint in the history of Havelock North Primary School.

Congratulations & well-researched Sam.