Food at School

Students are encouraged to eat a balance of healthy food choices and drink plenty of water.

Our children have “Brain Food” every morning at around 10am. Some good suggestions for Brain Food are a piece of fresh fruit or veges (eg. carrot sticks), wholemeal crackers, nuts, yoghurt, muesli bars etc. Brain food is not morning tea and is just a quick snack.

Morning Tea is at 10:50 until 11:00 where the children eat in the classroom with their teacher before going out for free time. Children eat lunch at 12:50-1:05 supervised in the outdoor eating area before being dismissed for free time. Class time resumes at 1:50 with the school finished at 3pm.

There are drinking fountains throughout the school.

Treat foods are ok occasionally – Lunch on Line or Fun Food Friday can be a nice treat…enjoy with your school mates!