HNPS Triathlon

WHEN:             13th March 2018

WHERE:           Havelock North Domain

WHO:               Year 4-6

WEAR:             House colours

MARSHAL'S:   TBC (all teachers will be allocated a job).


The School Triathlon for Year 4 to 6 pupils will be held on Tuesday, March 13th from 9:30am until noon centred on the Village Pool & the Havelock North Domain.

The teams will be made up from within the Year Groups for example across Year 4.

Children needing bicycles should walk their bikes over to the pools with their classes and park them in the cycle transition area, on the grass area at the far side of all the pools.

Order of Events

1. Year 6 Boys Teams            4. Year 5 Girls Teams
2. Year 6 Girls Teams            5. Year 4 Boys Teams
3. Year 5 Boys Teams           6. Year 4 Girls Teams

7. Year 6 Boys Individual      10. Year 5 Girls Individual
8. Year 6 Girls Individual       11. Year 4 Boys Individual
9. Year 5 Boys Individual      12. Year 4 Girls Individual

Children are to assemble in the domain under the trees. Children must remain seated waiting for their events.

Swimming Leg:
Year 5 and 6 children will swim 2 lengths of the main pool. Year 4 children will swim 1 length. Children get out at the end of the pool (not the ladder) and then swim one length of the diving pool. Swimmers then tag their cyclist, who is waiting with their bike on the Domain.

Cycling Leg:
All children will cycle ANTI-CLOCKWISE around the marked course, around the outside of the Domain. Year 5 and 6 children will cycle 3 laps. Year 4 will cycle 2 laps. Cyclists will ride their bike from the start outside the Domain. At the completion of their 3 laps they must dismount their cycle and then tag their runner who is waiting ready for the cyclists to tag them.

Running Leg:
All children will run ANTI-CLOCKWISE (so they are running inside the cyclists around the marked course which will be inside the cycle lap), around the inside of the Domain. Year 5 and 6 children will run 2 laps. Year 4 children will run 1 lap. At the completion of their run the runner runs to the finish line as marked in the Domain.

Individual Events:
There will be 6 individual events ‚Äď one for Year 4, one for Year 5 and one for Year 6 boys and girls. All events will be over the same distance as the team events. If time runs short the Year 4 boys & girls event may be combined with boys and girl‚Äôs results being recorded separately. Children need to count their laps.